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"This Too Shall Pass"

"I hope this book will inform and normalize what is often frightening about the different phases of life. If we have the courage to face our difficulties with self-compassion, learn to know ourselves rather than distract ourselves, then change will bring growth. With it comes the liberating humility of being grateful in the present while having hope for a positive future. We keep growing throughout our lives. We are in a process of becoming: it is not a place at which we arrive, although if we know the direction in which we are headed, we are more likely to thrive. To live a life that has meaning, a reason for being and a sense of belonging. A life in which we love and are loved."

This passage really spoke to me and comes from the introduction of Julia Samuel's new book "This Too Shall Pass". A wonderful book focusing on process of grief and change and "hopeful beginnings". Well worth a read!

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