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What to Expect


We accept self referrals and referrals from professionals, such as your GP or Health Visitor. We are registered with AXA, Aviva, Vitality Health, and offer both short and long term courses of therapy depending on need and presenting difficulties. 

You can contact us via our contact page, by telephone, text or email. We will contact you for a brief chat to discuss your needs and what we might be able to. We will then meet for an initial assessment consultation, to further discuss your difficulties and develop an individualised therapy plan.


Initial consultations offer an opportunity to discuss your current difficulties as well as thinking a bit about your past experiences and what you hope to gain from therapy. We may also complete some questionnaires.


We will consider whether we can work with one another and what a course of therapy might focus on/involve. If we feel another approach would be more suitable for you, we will discuss this with you and suggest alternative sources of support.


Therapy sessions last around 55-60 minutes, and are usually on a weekly basis, though frequency can be negotiated as appropriate. Therapy is an active process and as such we will agree "between session" work, such as diary keeping, bits of reading etc. Most people find coming to therapy initially quite daunting and nerve wracking - this is very normal and we will do our best to discuss any specific concerns you may have at the beginning and throughout therapy.

We will discuss the duration of therapy at your initial consultation session and this will be regularly reviewed with you. 


We have an individual and competitive fee structure based on our backgrounds and training - please see our individual profiles for more information. We are able to accept cash or BACS payments. 


Whilst we understand that life is unpredictable and things can come up unexpectedly, we charge for missed appointments unless they are cancelled with 48 hours notice. 

Confidentiality/data protection

Your therapy sessions are confidential, and your information will not be shared without your permission unless we have significant concerns about your safety or the safety of somebody else, including child safeguarding concerns. We will of course do our best to always discuss any disclosure with you first. 

We are required to keep records of our sessions to help us plan your therapy well and in keeping with the Data Protection Act; these notes are stored electronically and securely and will be destroyed safely after your therapy has concluded. We will ask for personal information when you first contact us, for example your  address and GP's name; this information will be stored and destroyed in the same way.

We are compliant with data protection laws and GDPR; we are happy to discuss this further with you as needed.

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