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Our Fees

We each have our own individual fee structure based on our training and experience. Our fees are competitive within our own professional groups. Please see our individual profiles to read more about our qualifications and approaches and to make an appointment. 

Kate -
Clinical Psychologist
EMDR Therapist 
DBT Therapist
IFS Informed Therapist 

Kate's Fees

Assessments and ongoing sessions are £100 and last 55 minutes 
Alex new profile.jpg
Alex -
Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) Therapist/Psychotherapist
CAT Therapist
EMDR Therapist

Alex's Fees

Initial consultations are £90 and last 90 minutes 
On going sessions are £75 and
last 55 minutes 

(Please note rates for insurance funded sessions may vary in accordance with a particular funder's fee structure)
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