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                                      What is a Clinical Psychologist? 

In order to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist individuals need to complete a three year doctorate in Clinical Psychology. The three year training course sees individuals employed by the NHS as Trainee Clinical Psychologists completing placements in which they develop their clinical skills. They have to work across the lifespan and into a range of different services. Alongside these NHS placements trainee clinical psychologists attend university to develop their clinical and research knowledge. Most training course cover a range of therapeutic approaches, going into deeper depth of two core therapies. 

In order to gain a place on the clinical doctorate to train as a Clinical Psychologist individuals need to have completed a first degree in psychology and often a masters degree too. The also need to demonstrate a range of clinical experiences working in mental health services, usually as an assistant psychologist. As a result it can take many years in order to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist.

Upon completion of the clinical psychology doctorate individuals can then register with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) as a Clinical Psychologist. Clinical Psychologist are expected to continue to develop their skills post qualification in a range of therapeutic approaches, which is why most Clinical psychologists can offer arrange of therapies and can therefore provide integrated and tailored interventions to meet the individual needs of the person they are working with. 

Clinical Psychologists fees tend to be higher as a reflection of the level of training they have undertaken and the range of therapeutic approaches they can offer. 

Please be aware 'psychologist' is not a protected title so anyone can all themselves a psychologist. All Clinical Psychologists have to be registered with the HCPC in order to practice and use this title. 

Psychotherapist and counsellor are not protected titles either so please do check the qualifications and registration of any profession you are considering working with. 

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