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My Approach

I enjoy working with people and am continually amazed by the resilience of human beings to overcome adversity and make changes. I believe change can only happen if the relationship with the therapist feels safe and trusting.  My aim is to allow you to feel that you can use the time we spend working together to achieve your goals, working at a pace that feels comfortable to you and allowing you to come to a greater understanding of yourself and the problems you are having.

I use the assessment process to consider with you what might help and how long this might take. You can then decide if you think I am the right person to support you through the process of change. Psychologists are trained to work collaboratively to develop a shared understanding of an individuals difficulties, what has contributed to them and what is maintaining them. This is called a formulation. A formulation helps guide the intervention. You can read more about how psychologists use formulation here

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